Country Music in the US

Country Music in the US

Knowing US Country Music

The southern part of the United States takes a leading role as the primary country music audience.

This is seen by the number of the orchestra and live bands emulating the musicians in entertainment spots. American country music has the following elements.

  • Uses string instruments (guitars, African banjos, fiddles among other traditional music instruments
  • Uses folks lyrics
  • Have ballads and dance-tunes

The last two decades have seen an influx of country music in the US, which wasn’t the case before.

The folk music and the accompanying string instruments with a touch of vocalized singing completely define this kind of American popular music.

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As you read our articles, we demystify some of the myths in country music. However, some upcoming musicians tend to use this popular kind of music to disseminate adult content.

We are here to protect you against such acts; we believe in proper moral upbringing.

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