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Are you a vivid lover of country music? Do you know the positive effect of country music on your emotional well being?

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Famous Country Bands

Some country musicians, just like other genres, formed singing groups and bands instead of performing as solo artists. This venture was typical in the earlier years as the different members contributed instrumental skills, vocals, or both.

The Carter Family

One of the earliest country groups was The Carter family, Sara Carter, her husband A.P. Carter, and her sister Maybelle Carter. They recorded their first song in August 1927. They were among the first groups to record country music commercially and the first to become stars. The Carters were explicitly known for their Southern gospel music. Though the pioneers are gone, their descendants revived the group and are still in the music scene.

Lady Antebellum

Popularly known as Lady A, the band comprising of Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood, who formed the group in 2006. Lady A made its debut in 2007 on Jimmy Brickman’s single- Never alone.

They have since released six studio albums, with three certified platinum. Their sound is a blend of soulful R and B and contemporary country. The band recently ended their contract with Capitol Nashville and are currently signed with Big Machine.